The WSB Index is an unoffical index created by compiling the top posts each day from r/wallstreetbets.


This is a joke website. It's not financial advice.

How does it work?

We use the Pushshift API to get the most-commented "due diligence" posts from r/wallstreetbets every day and add the stocks mentioned in those posts to the index for 21 days. Any time a stock is re-mentioned, that resets.

This means that unlike a real index, the WSB Index re-balances its holdings frequently. When adding or removing stocks, the index rebalances to hold an equal amount of each stock, so if the index has 10 stocks, each stock represents 10% of the index. Rebalancing happens at market open to make the math easy.

What about negative posts that recommend not buying a stock?

This bot isn't smart enough to tell (yet), so we buy the stock anyway. 🤷  Besides, stocks only go up. 🚀

Is this real?

While the data behind the WSB Index is real thanks to the Reddit and Pushshift APIs, the index itself is unfortunately just a concept.

Who made it?

Aeryk Payne (design) and Jay Harris (dev)

I have a lot of money, and I don't know what to do with it all.

That's awesome, you should totally donate to the Pushshift API through its Patreon.

Pushshift is a free Reddit API made by u/Stuck_In_the_Matrix that powers a lot of great Reddit bots and data-driven sites. If this website made you laugh, and you want to see more cool Reddit-inspired projects like this, supporting Pushshift is a great way to make that happen.

(We're not affiliated with Pushshift at all, just fans of free tools that lower the barrier to entry for devs who want to build cool stuff. And it powers this website!)